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We have many volunteers that help out with groups, events and our shop. Have a look and maybe you'd like to get involved!

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What our Volunteers Do

Recently our volunteers have been doing Befriending Calls to our members and having a chat over the phone

  • Setting up our groups

  • Serving teas/coffees/lunch

  • Ensure the group members have a great time every week

  • Join in with the activities going on

  • Help out at the various events we run throughout the year

  • Assist in running our shop, Community Creations

We always have something for our volunteers to help out with!

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Volunteer Awards

We value our volunteers so we show our appreciation by giving them awards at least once a year. 
As we are a community, all our volunteers are involved!

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If you are thinking you'd like to get involved or want to find out more about volunteering, contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator Pauline on 01506 442093

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